Xerox and Aloha Harvest: A Halloween Delight for Oahu

Halloween is more than just chills and frights - it's an incredible opportunity to gather the community and help local children and families in need. This year, our team at Xerox Hawaii partnered with Aloha Harvest to create an unforgettable experience for the families of Oahu.

Who is Aloha Harvest?

Founded in 1999, Aloha Harvest is the largest food rescue and redistribution organization in Hawai’i with a mission of getting quality excess food into stomachs instead of landfills. Absolutely free of charge and free of liability, we pick up quality excess food from donors (wholesale distributors, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels) and redistribute it to recipient agencies feeding the hungry - homeless shelters, social services, and food pantries.

Unlike food bank organizations, Aloha Harvest does not store any food. This organization picks up perishable and nonperishable food from donors and delivers it the same day, free of charge,  to social service agencies, who in turn, prepare and distribute the food to those in need.

How Did Xerox Hawaii and Aloha Harvest Help Families on Halloween?

The local Xerox Hawaii sales and service groups teamed up with Aloha Harvest to create special Halloween gift bags to donate and distribute to local children and families in need this season. These trick-or-treat bags came stuffed with an amazing assortment of healthy snacks and goodies, including:

  • Organic treats like healthy fruit snacks
  • Healthy and organic juice boxes and low-fat milk
  • Coloring books and crayons
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Halloween candy and treats

Along with an incredible group of volunteers, Xerox Hawaii and Aloha Harvest were able to purchase, package, assemble, then deliver hundreds of these gift bags to children on Oahu from the East--Partners in Development Foundation in Waimanalo, to the West--Ocean Pointe in Ewa, and create a memorable Halloween experience for everyone.